STORY | September 9, 2021

We are celebrating our 50-year anniversary

STORY | August 4, 2021

Double header for The Athlete’s Foot: The specialty footwear and lifestyle chain delivers soaring first half-year retail sales in 2021 while change of ownership to Arklyz Group is successfully concluded

STORY | July 2, 2021

INTERSPORT strengthens business relationship with Intersocks and sells The Athlete’s Foot to Arklyz Group, owner of Intersocks

STORY | May 3, 2021

TAF USA launches StAART program

STORY | September 7, 2020

first sustainable initiative at a European scale together with Adidas!

STORY | May 10, 2020

TAF Greece opens new store

STORY | May 20, 2020

Shopping at our TAF stores in a safe and protected environment