dare to change: every step counts

The fashion industry produces millions of apparel and footwear every year so that we can buy the latest sneaker drop, the dream jacket, or an upgrade to replace our once favorite backpack. But what happens when we get tired of the old stuff and where does it go when we are done with it? That same millions of textiles that were just produced are also just thrown away. This takes a toll on the earth’s resources with a significant negative impact on the environment we live in.

At The Athlete’s Foot, we believe that the success of our (and any) brand is linked to the protection of the environment we live in. For this, we are committed to gradually integrate sustainable initiatives and products within our organization to minimize the impact of our carbon footprint and leave a better world for future generations.

We’re still far from being a green company, but we are, and we will be taking small steps to contribute towards a more sustainable world. So, how can we help make a change?

Together with our partner adidas, we are launching our very first sustainable initiative at a European scale so that we can move towards a more circular economy and make the most out of each product’s life!

You can now drop off your used or unwanted clothing and footwear across several European TAF stores. Hand them in at the cash desk and receive a 10€ voucher to use towards your next in-store purchase (of 50€ or more) of any adidas products (voucher redemption is possible from 14/09/2020 to 04/10/2020). You can check the Terms & Conditions applicable to this initiative here.

All collected items are given to local partners such as UFF, FastfeetGrinded, Recycom, Trasbog, Caritas Italiana, Humana Italia, Red Cross Italy, Recikliranje tekstila Bogdan Hafner s.p., Fondazione Elpis, Condividi con noi onlus, Istituto Sana Maria della Provividenza, and many more!

All our local partners either reuse, recycle or donate the clothes and footwear brought by you with 0% going to landfill.

So, long story short, all we’re asking you is to help us close the loop and give those fabulous sneakers a second chance and life 😉

Oh, we’re not finished yet! We have more great news to share with you! Adidas’ Clean Classics Pack will be available in our stores soon! A more sustainable choice: The all-time Classics as you know them, but crafted with recycled materials. Stay tuned and drop by your closest TAF store to check this sustainable collection – same look, same design but a better future for the product and humanity.

We are aware that these initiatives alone won’t save the planet, but will definitely make a difference! Do you dare to change with us?

Your story, your footprint.